Luxury Rental Apartment, Sal, Cape Verde

Be one of the first to come and visit the beautiful island of Sal, Cape Verde. With it’s year round tropical sunshine and warm temperatures it’s the perfect get away any time of year.

Stunning fine white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise water help make this place one of the most relaxing and beautiful places you can visit all year round.

Cape Verde has no rainy season, is only a 5 hour direct flight from the UK, and is great value all round. It is the perfect alternative to the Caribbean in winter time, and with way less crowds and laid back lifestyle is a great option for somewhere new and unspoilt during Europe’s summer months.

The apartment is equally stunning, located in the award winning "Tortuga Beach & Spa Resort" located right on the beautiful beaches of Ponta Preta. With the beach only a 100 yards from the apartment, 3 fantastic pools, Gym, Spa facilities and furnished to the highest standards, you couldn’t choose a better place to be on the island.

The development is without doubt the most stylish and comfortable of all the apartments available on the island right now and I’m sure will help you to have a pleasant and relaxing time during your stay.

Rental Apartment, La Tortuga, Punto Preta, Sal, Cape Verde